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signature 60 Minute Facial $110

Our 60 minute Signature Facial uses high potency botanicals, pressure point facial massage and masks to help repair and revive your skin. Includes 1 enhancement: microdermabrasion or high frequency to enhance cellular repair & increase nutrient absorption. Customized masks: detox, hydration, brightening, enzyme peel or acne

Extractions as needed plus a luxurious facial massage with our signature anti aging oil blend, SOCO Symphony, and an arm & neck massage

Exquisite 90 Minute Facial $165

Our Luxury 90 minute Exquisite Facial uses the Celluma LED and high frequency technology to infuse nutrients into your skin, enhance collagen and repair wrinkles. Includes customized masks: detox, hydration, brightening or acne,  enhancement of Celluma LED Treatment with botanical enzyme mask, high frequency treatment for deep skin repair, facial massage with our signature face oil, SOCO Symphony, and arm, neck & scalp massage

celluma led light therapy

$40 Single Treatment

Facial rejuvenating Celluma LED light therapy developed by NASA. Celluma is the only LED facial device that is FDA approved. Provides energy that helps compromised cells regenerate naturally. Clinically proven to reduce wrinkles, increase production of collagen, repair wounds, reduce acne bacteria, improve skin tone & reduce inflammation. Most people see improvement with 1-2 uses.

Book separately or add this to the end of any facial. Book a monthly membership for best results

waxing add ons

We offer add ons including brow waxing, lip waxing, chest waxing and back waxing.

Massage Add Ons

Add an extra 15 minute face massage, foot massage or scalp massage to enhance  your treatment

Special add ons

Add on organic anti inflammatory oil, or a 15 minute LED Add-On to your facial.

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